Alexander Keith’s Birthday Bash: The Most Popular Dead Guy I Know

So Alexander Keith’s beer is a big deal in Nova Scotia. I mean a REAL big deal – people here will defend it to their deaths. I would never, ever suggest that Newfoundland has better beers (like Jockey Club, India, Blue Star, etc.) in front of a Nova Scotian. Ever.

Alexander Keith was a popular Canadian brewer who started his brewery in 1820. He was kinda a big deal around Halifax, being the mayor three times and a member of the Legislative Council for 30 years. Almost 200 years later, his beer still makes up for every 1 in 3 sold in Nova Scotia. Those who like it, like it a lot. (That’s the slogan, fyi.)

Like a local.

Like a local.

So his birthday, October 5, is celebrated in much the same way everyone celebrates St. Patrick’s Day – total shitfacedness from sun-up to sun-down. Some people even visit his grave to place beer caps on the headstone.

However, I decided to pay tribute by heading to the big, exclusive Waterfront bash with Cailin and her buddy after scoring some free tickets. The evening was perfect — We were greeted with girls jumping up and down while handing out green antlers, beer being served on trays, and a huge stage featuring a bunch of bands. Alex is the most popular dead man I know.

The whole affair wrapped up at 10:30 with a massive display of fireworks and a whole lot of happy drunk people. Alas, I could not continue the celebration with every other Haligonian in the city; I’m on a tight curfew while dogsitting Jo’s children. Can I survive a week of being cut off from civilization? Only time and the package of Skor bars will tell.

Its ruttin season.

It's ruttin' season.

(Check out my friend Alexis’ blog post about 150 Travel Blogs for Students…some good stuff there. ;))

  • grace b

    Holy shit this sounds like a blast.

    And I detest beer.

  • Anne M

    Happy Birthday Mr. Keith! I love that beer, and regret not touring the brewery when I visited Halifax.

  • maggie

    hahaha, glad you got to participate in that, sounds like a blast! 😀
    I’ve seen some big Alexander Keith’s birthday celebrations in sourthern ontario… I can only imagine what it’s like in NS ;D

  • Christopher Mercer

    Has nothing to do with Keith’s birthday but everything to do with selling their horrid beer.

  • Poi

    This is amazing – I wish we celebrated all dead people related to beer!

  • Susan

    I wish I had been there! Now you’re making me homesick. I’m not enjoying the role reversal. Haha

  • Susan

    What an amazing time! I need to get up there soon.

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  • linlah

    It’s ruttin’ season made me snort.

  • Candice

    Hahaha, thanks friends! I definitely recommend participating in the celebration at some point. 😉

  • Alexis

    Congrats!! Keep the awesome Canadian posts coming…they’re always a fun read!

  • Dave and Deb

    Yummy, We love Keiths as well. As a matter fact, my brother left us with a 2-4 of Keiths while we baby, house and dog sit for him while their in Jamaica.

  • The Constant Complainer

    That looks like a ton of fun. And Candice, I’m serious, I want a “Happy Birthday Mr. Keith” hat!!!!!!!!!

  • Cornelius Aesop

    I wish we would take such pride in our brewers here in the USA, although during and after prohibition many of the small brewers went out of business and the larger companies don’t have any local ties like Alexander Keith seemed to have.

  • Tanya

    I know the gal who organized the Keith’s birthday event in 2010. Joanne is the stellar of stellar event planners!

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