Finally, the Passion Board Unveiled

Finally, I had a free evening to assemble the brilliant Passion Board. And by “assemble” I mean cut and paste a bunch of pictures into Paint.NET, because I probably shouldn’t be allowed to hold scissors.

Here it is, my masterpiece. This takes me back to the days of junior high when I would take webcam photos and make collages of myself while purging all unflattering images and staring seductively into your face.


I had fun with this. Picking through old pictures made me smile. The picture in the top left corner is from my birthday celebration in Ottawa, where six Newfies took over the downtown scene and caused some mayhem never before seen in the city. I actually demanded the waitress deliver me a birthday crown, but since she didn’t have one, she constructed one out of a coffee filter. Those nights out are my favourite.

To the right, is some family love with my little brother. It’s amazing the kind of shit my family has had to deal with, and how well they’ve recovered. I’m lucky.

Further right, my cousin and I on the birthday night mentioned before. It’s hard to capture those gut-achin’, belly-wrenchin’ moments of laughter, but I think this photo does it. There’s a lot of laughter in my life.

Then Twitter, social media, and generally taking over the world.

Below that, summer. The season which is fast approaching and will be guaranteed to knock me off my feet. Camping, drinks on the deck, having a beer in an inflatable kiddie’s pool, you name it.

Of course, blogging.

Then moments of spontaneity late in the night when you’ve just returned from an Elizabethan banquet in England after a day of exams, drinking cider beer and sprawled out on the grass in front of an old castle.

To the left, just a few of the greatest friends in the world. The kind I can squat and pee in the bushes with, totally lacking judgement.

Books, dur.

Travel. And last but not least, Newfoundland & Labrador. It occurred to me again today while hiking off my hangover on the Signal Hill trail, somewhere between sitting on a rock looking out at the Atlantic Ocean and clinging to a chain to cross a narrow path… I am so lucky to live here.

And there’s your general fill of Candice-sap for the entire year.

Thanks to Aye for originally including me in her Passion Board Round-Up, as well as Jeannie, and Cailin for tagging me to do this! I’d tag others but you know what I really want to do? Sleep.

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  • Nomadic Chick

    Fiiiinally… you did it! Hehe.. :)

    It’s obvious relationships drive your life, which makes total sense. Even your virtual personality reflects this. :) Honey, you make the best traveller. Connecting is where it’s at. – 😀

  • Abbie

    I like the idea of a digital board – and it totally suits you, you did a great job :)

  • Brooke vs. the World

    Love your passion board 😉 I have yet to do mine… still thinking… :)

  • maggie

    very fun :) seems like a pretty good representation of you!

  • Trisha Miller

    Everybody needs the kind of friends that you can squat and pee in the bushes with. With friends like that, you can get through anything life throws at you, and it says alot about you (good things of course) that you have them. :)

  • Carlo

    Cool Candice. I just went through thousands of photos at my parents’ place when I visited home, trying to clean up all the crap…very nostalgic.

    I used to make collages when I was a kid…’cept they were heavy metal collages. My dad would get me a big sheet of paper and I’d cut out (I WAS allowed to use scissors) pictures from all the cool mags like Hit Parader and Circus…collages on my wall of Vince Neal and Nikki Six from Motley Cure, Rob Halford in all his glorious leather and studs from Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Ozzy…yep, even Ratt…ahhh, those were the days.

  • Amiee

    Love it! That makes me want to Mod Podge – old school collage-ing!

  • Eric

    I like this. It’s a cool idea. I get laughed at by some of my co-workers here because I keep tickets and things from places I go. I figured it would make a good collage one day but who knows. They may never make it out of the file they are in.

  • Sabina

    This is a cute idea. And well, done, Candice! I like the random dancing in the street shot best. It’s very lively.

  • Candice

    Ditto! I love that you pinpointed that part of my personality, hehe. It occurred to me earlier that I’m more concerned with travel experiences than place sometimes, but I think that’s ok.

  • Candice

    Thanks Abbie! There were a bajillion other things I wanted to add, but alas, even digital boards have limits.

  • Candice

    Get to it, lady! 😉

  • Candice

    Thanks Maggie!

  • Candice

    Thanks Trisha! And you’re so right, where would we be without those kind of friends? Hahaha.

  • Candice

    I get like that too, and it’s funny finding REAL photographs rather than digital ones. I’m always surprised by them, for some reason. I guess because they’re so inaccessible.

    And that is hilarious about the heavy metal collages, I used to do the same. Hahaha. Except mine were crap heavy metal (hard rock?) like Godsmack and Mudvayne. What was I thinking?

  • Candice

    DOOO IT! I wanna see your passion board!

  • Candice

    That’s actually exactly what I did with my ticket stubs and other tourist memorabilia! Turned out quite nicely, I take it out sometimes when I’m feeling nostalgic.

  • Candice

    Thanks Sabina! It’s one of my all-time favourites as well. Have you created a passion board yet?

  • Alouise

    I’ve never heard of this either, but it makes sense. I used to make collages from magazine pics that I liked in jr. high. Love the picture of you in the corner, seems like you’re having a blast. If a picture says a thousand words, how many words would this be?

  • Cornelius Aesop

    I love the passion board, I really need to get started on my own. It’s just so hard to find the motivation to get the supplies when it’s so chilly outside but now with warm whether I may have a night out with random street dancing like you and then find my motivation to passion board it up!

  • Candice

    Hahahah, just one: DRUNK. I encourage you to make one! It was a lot of fun.

  • Candice

    DO IT! What are a monkey’s passions?

  • AdventureRob

    That’s a cool board Candice :-)

    I don’t have so many pictures of myself, so I guess mine would look a bit empty in comparison :-/

  • Nancy

    What a great idea. I’ve done a vision board, but never a passion board. I wanna try! I especially love the laughing picture. :)

  • Candice

    Well then, best start practicing the self portraits. 😉

  • Candice

    Thanks! What is a vision board? And that’s one of my favourites as well. :)

  • GotPassport

    Hi again,

    Haven’t properly thanked you for taking the time to join the Passion Board Party. So glad you did and that you had fun with it. (that’s the important part!)

    Ta Ta For Now! :-)

  • Candice

    I’m finding myself wishing I could add more to it now. :) Hehe. Thanks!

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