How to Deal With a Travel Snob

Last weekend, I was introduced to a guy at a party. At first I was thrown off by his haphazardly slapped together outfit. His sweater was large enough to fit a family of 10, and his jeans were atrociously mismatched. But he was extremely friendly and fairly attractive, so I gave myself a mental pep talk to stop being such a judgemental bitch.

I politely asked him what he was studying in school, and he said he was taking Education. We discussed the sweetness of having two months paid vacation in the summer, which he said he appreciated because it gave him an opportunity to travel.

Well, if that didn’t start my little heart a-flutter!

He then went on to say he wanted to teach abroad, and I eagerly jumped in with how I had initially planned to teach in South Korea.

Yoinked from burningkarma

A look of disgust crossed his face. “That place is overrated. I can make something like six-thousand bucks a month in Hong Kong,” he said.

“Oh really?” I replied, my eyebrows quivering with the temptation to arch violently.

He leaned forward, willing me to gasp in awe over his potential success and his rugged manliness. “Oh yes, and I’ll get set up with a sweet condo and all the perks.”

I then asked where all he had been around the globe. I thought he hadn’t heard me because he looked away, apparently distracted or consumed with his inner-most deep thoughts.

Finally, maybe ten minutes later, he turned to me and said in a tone of total arrogance, “I’ve been to about 20 countries.”

So I smiled brightly and said, “Oh, really? I work with the world’s largest independent online travel magazine and a multinational sonar company which sends me on first-class trips around the globe. Travel is my life!”**

He didn’t say a damned word. BAAAAAAAM, ugly-sweater guy! I pwned your ass.

**Some facts may be slightly exaggerated.

  • Chris

    haha I love it. Notch up one for the good guys.

  • Cathey

    Hahahaha! “Who’s your daddy now, biatch??” I could totally see that moment happening. Yes, total travel snob. Anywhere in the world is cool with me. I didn’t realize you wanted to teach in S. Korea — you should go for it. This was awesome and hilarious!

  • Shannon OD

    Some?! :::raises eyebrows skeptically::: 😉 He sooo deserved it though!

  • Corbin

    Haha what a douche.

    +2 for using pwn in the post

  • Eric

    Agree with Corbin – a total douche

    and SK is only overrated if you allow it to be. Too many people here come for two things – $$$$ and to drink. Now I have a problem with neither but I have already seen too many people who miss out on so much because they are too wrapped up in where to drink on the weekend. There is so much culture, scenery, and just simple beauty here that too many overlook it and it saddens me. Okay rant over.

  • carissajade

    Ahhh Hells yeah, You totally Kelly RIPPPPAD his ass.

  • Legal Nomads

    Ha. Well played. I wonder if he’d even travelled to South Korea? My money is on no. My money is also on you loving it if you go there to teach. Hope you do make it to TBEX – I’ll be back in time to attend. w00t for a Canadian reunion in NYC!

  • The Constant Complainer

    Haha, that guy was a douche. You owned him. And I’m loving your new site.

  • Candice

    Total douchesack! And merci, I appreciate you coming over for a gander.

  • Candice

    Hahaha, w00t! Yeah, it’s something to consider in the future for sure. And I’m actually DYING to go to TBEX, I have this insane obsession with NYC lately. It’s kinda bizarre. Fingers crossed! Flights are like, $799 from here.

  • Candice

    Hells yeah! God I hope he never finds this site.

  • Candice

    Trust me, I shared similar “snobbish” views about SK before I started doing some research…then more I learned, the more I wanted to go. Definitely an awesome place.

  • Candice

    YES! I should have a scoreboard

  • Candice

    Only a little!! Yeah, seriously hope that dude never finds this site. lol

  • Candice

    Thanks! It’s still something I’ll consider in the future I think, I was totally dead set on making it to Busan before fate intervened.

  • Candice

    Virtual high five! Thank you for stopping by. :)

  • linlah

    I don’t think he’s been around the block and I wouldn’t let him in a classroom, cause YIKES!

  • AdventureRob

    Man I hate floppy phaluses like that, who can’t back up their words – good work on pwning the guy n_n

  • joshywashington

    O hells yes! Homie got served! You gotta be a little more bonafide than some 20 country flim flam to come sassin around my girl Candice!

    Seriously though, how can I get in on some sonar action?

  • blakesjourney

    FUCKING GREAT POST. 90% of backpackers are humble and kind folks but that 10% are pretentious pricks who snub their nose at whatever anyone else says about traveling. My wife and I love to take the piss out of them. We’re always joking around about those types. I Love the fact that you’ve written this.

    Nice one.

    Blakesjourney / TBD

  • Nancy

    Hahahaha-that´s awesome!! Travel snobs are vile creatures that use something beautiful and kickass like travel to inflate their flacid sense of self-worth. Perfect response…I would have loved to see his face.

    On another note, saw in the commnets that you were still thinking of TBEX? That would be SWEET! JoAnna and I are still searching for roomies! :)

  • Keg of Wisdom


    I came across your site while perusing The Constant Complainer and have been beyond impressed with your writing style and pictures. I’m sure you get this a lot, but you have GORGEOUS eyes. Keep up the great work. I look forward to visiting your site.

  • yorksnbeans

    Poor kids in Hong Kong! (not poor as in poor, but poor as in unlucky to get him as their teacher)

  • Deidre

    It’s amazing how arrogant travels can be isn’t it? There is some really cheesy romance book I read once and it described backpackers as the most elite pretentious group of travels and it’s TRUE. it’s all about who goes where for free and how dirty and gross s/he gets.

    So, well done putting The Cosby Sweater guy down. :)

  • Julie

    Love this!
    Also love the comment from Keg of Wisdom above.
    I never have anyone like that commenting on my blog. 😉

  • Candice

    Thanks! Hahaha yes, I’ve never received one like that before, it made my day.

  • Candice

    Seriously! I don’t think he was a backpacker though. Didn’t strike me as the type to get his hands dirty. What a guy.

  • Candice

    Really eh, nothing like teaching for the pure joy of it! (guilty of that one too, though)

  • Candice

    Keg (can I call you that?), this might be the coolest comment I’ve received yet. Geez I feel like I say that a lot lately. My head just swelled to epic proportions. Thank you! Love havin’ ya around.

  • Candice

    Ugh, Nancy, you have no idea how badly I want to go! For some reason I’ve been obsessed with NYC lately…didn’t help matters when a Frommers NYC 2010 guide showed up in my mail today. If I can get a good seat sale, I’m there! ROOMIES!

  • Candice

    Thank you, and thanks for visiting! I agree, thankfully almost everyone I’ve encountered on my travels have been kickass. Just the ocassional ass to throw into the mix.

  • Candice

    Hahahahahah Josh, you are too awesome. My company actually has a huge office in Seattle, I’ll come visit someday!

  • Candice

    “Floppy phalluses” = phrase of the day!

  • Candice

    Really though, sounds like a lovely teacher!

  • Kris Kalishnakov

    I hate arrogant people, especially some tool bag looking douche like that. Good on you for putting him in his place:)

  • Lauren Quinn

    All I can say is “fuck yeah.”

  • Sabina

    I love your final words to him, Candice! That’s a great thing to be able to say, period, much less to a travel snob!

  • brian | No Debt World Travel

    I was going to comment on what you wrote but … that sweater vest is ATROCIOUS!

  • Candice

    Agreed, I dealt with enough of those in my university career.

  • Candice

    High five!

  • Candice

    Hahaha, so true! Although for some reason when I mention the sonar thing, it’s usually met with silence. It’s kinda baffling.

  • Candice

    Just to clarify, that’s a photo I grabbed from Flickr’s creative commons, but I AGREE!

  • Dave and Deb

    I have a friend teaching in South Korea right now. She loves it. We are even thinking of popping by possibly.. Hey if we start to run short on cash it is a great way to make some dough.
    I love putting people in their place like that when they are totally arrogant. Good for you.

  • Everywhereist

    Oh, if only you had managed to capture the look on his face with a camera. That’s a souvenir I would have LOVED to see.

  • Alexandra

    Ha! you go girl!
    Who goes travellling to make loads of cash anyways?
    What a douche!

  • Candice

    Seriously! Douchesack galore!

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